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Schweizer Go Verband - Fédération Suisse de Go - Federazione Svizzera di Go
This is the homepage of the Swiss Go Association. Go 囲碁 is an asiatic board game. In Korea the game is called baduk 바둑, in China weiqi 圍棋. For more information about this game take a look at our Info Page.

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1. Kikyo Festival der japanischen Kampfk√ľnste in Winterthur

Das Kikyo Festival ist das Event der Japanischen Kampfkünste in Winterthur.
Diesen Samstag (6. Mai 2017) fand es zum ersten Mal statt.
Die Lokalität im Casinotheater Winterthur war optimal.

Auf der Bühne wurden diverse japanische Kampfkünste, aber auch japanische Musik aufgeführt.
Daneben konnte man am Go-Tisch sich das Spiel zeigen lassen. Wir hatten mindestens 10 sehr interessierte Teilnehmer, die die Tische kaum mehr freigeben wollten.

41 Swiss Go Championships 2017

8 players attended to the seminar with Li Yue between Thursday PM and Friday before the tournament.
Main topics were general opening and attacking strategy, with many interesting situations to evaluate and discuss.
They also enjoyed some rengo games, reviewed with special focus on the seminar topics.
Everybody appreciated the calm and easy way that Yue let them discover new ways to analyze board situations.

Hopefully we will be able to propose a similar seminar next year, before the European Pairgo Championships,
that will be held in the same location during the first week-end of April!

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24 players came to the beautyful Ascona hotel to contend for the 41th Swiss Championships.
The topbar was set to 2Kyu and included the best 12 players. But the tournament software insisted in matching Francois and Haruna 4K with them.
A thrilling novelty was the use of the digital clocks for all the games with the custom Canadian byo-yomi time settings 40 + 20x5':
most of the players were not used to it, and a limited number of problems actually occurred.
Nevertheless everybody understood how to use them, there was no contestation
and at the end of the tournament some players came to compliment for this choice.

The two highest rated swiss players were there and shared the first two places:
Swiss champion 2017 with 5/5 won games is John Walch 4D and will represent Switzerland in the next WAGC.
Second place for Armel-David Wolff 4D with 4/5 points.
Surprise 3rd place for the outsider Frederic Schlattner 1D, 3/5 points, who participated for the first time at the Swiss Championships.
4th place for Viktor Bogdanov 3D from Russia.
5th place for Sylvain Praz 2D, who will also represent Switzerland in the next KPMG (or switch with John, who can choose which tournament to attend) thank to the FSG point system.
6th place for Roberto Morrison 1D, organizer of the tournament: he missed the qualification to KPMG due to lower SOS than Sylvain, despite both scored 3/5!
Monique Golay 6K won the price as best player performance below topbar with 4 wins
Everybody received a price and a special souvenir: a USB key personalized with a 3D print and some go related video material inside!


Most participants came with family or partners, and stayed in the exclusive hotel Ascona**** who offered special tournament conditions:
all were delighted by the exquisite service and the beautyful weather, knowing that on north of the Alps it was raining or snowing!
You could play outdoor, have breakfast and lunch on the terrasse or on the garden close to the pool, where some hosts were swimming.

Final thank you for the Swiss Go Federation, main sponsor of the event, the Hotel Ascona for offering such beautyful premises and services,
Li Yue for her avaliability and inspired analysis during the event, and my wife that supported me for the organization before and during the tournament


18ème Active Go

François Van Walleghem remporte le 18ème active go au restaurant le Lin Xiang à Genève, devant Rick et Hajin Lee. Détails suivront.

Résultats du tournoi de Lausanne 2016

Nous avons eu un tournoi sympathique au château du musée Suisse du jeu. Le tournoi principale a eu 20 participants (avec 5 nouvelles têtes venant du club de Lausanne). Le tournoi débutant a eu moins de participants que l'année dernière avec 7 participants (L'année dernière, nous avions eu 17 participants, la barre était placée très haut). Dans le tournoi principale, la vitoire revient à Sylvain Praz, 2ème Daniel Baumann, 3ème Rose-Marguerite Martin. J'espères que nous pourrons refaire un tournoi l'année prochaine dans ce joli cadre. EGD

Results of Veyrier-Ko Go Club Open

Superbe tournoi. Cette année il y a eu la qualité, à défaut de la quantité… (21 participants contre une moyenne de plus de 30 d’habitude, snif).
Haylee Maas 7d a égayé notre week-end par des parties magnifiques. Les quatre autres « ténors » (Sylvain Praz 2d, Flavien Aubelle 1d, Benoît Felix 1d et Hung Fioramonti 1k) ont testé sa virtuosité sur le goban, et nous ont offert des parties à suspens… Du moins jusqu’à un certain stade de la partie, puis, comme par magie, des situations qui semblaient bien compliquées et souvent à l’avantage des « ténors cités » (à mes yeux néophytes…) se sont petit à petit retournées à l’avantage de notre coréenne Haylee (prononcez Hajin, ou Hadjin…).
Autre point à relever: à un moment du tournoi Sandra a attiré mon attention sur le fait qu’il y avait une forte présence féminine. Jugez plutôt: Haylee Maas 7d et 1ere du tournoi, Anna Kropivnitskaya 5k (4k dès maintenant) 7e, Rose-Marguerite Martin 4k 9e, Harina Okano 4k 11e, Sandra Woelffel 5k 14e et Monique Golay 6k 16e.
Le mot de la fin: si la moyenne des participants est en baisse par rapport aux autres années, les dames sont venues plus nombreuses que d’habitude et remportent en plus le tournoi ! De bon augure pour l’avenir. Merci également à Dusan Mitic pour ses commentaires.
Jean-Marc Louis, au clavier de l’ordinateur pour organiser les rondes. EGD, Photos

European Go Congress Saint Petersburg

Kim Young-Sam has won the main tournament of this year's congress, it was decided by SOS so actually it was bit of luck which decided the order of the 4 best players which all of them managed to win 8 out of 10 games: 2nd Ilja Shikshin, 3rd Chan Yitien and 4th Ali Jabarin. The European Champion was decided already on the first weekend. Reigning champion for one year will be Ilja Shikshin from Russia.
Switzerland was present with 5 players, 2 from Zurich: Lorenz (3-3) and Michael (10-5), 2 from Geneva: Felicien (2-3) and Flavien (5-4) and 1 from Lausanne: Monique (1-3). The congress was located in the center of the city in a nice hotel which offered all what go players are looking for: there was a bar on the roof and a beer tent in the patio, the playing halls were great and prices really affordable.

Lausanne: Ishi Go Cup 2016

It was historical, 56 players - been a long time since we had that many. We had the opportunity to welcome top Europeans players, the level has never been higher (top bar was at 5D!)...
We've witnessed high-stakes games, played ferociously, baby-foot and ping-pong matches, also played ferociously, and we had a lot of fun (and some beers)!
The weather was perfect, with full sun and blue sky, the free accommodation was "better than expected", even our market prices were found to be "ok".
The 1'000 CHF first prize was won by an ex-yunguseng on holiday, and the first European is Cristian Pop at the 3rd place!
Thanks you Victor Aubelle for organizing it and for your flexibility! This gave us a lot of motivation, and we will probably make this tournament a regular AWESOME one... We already have a lot of ideas on how to improve it even more :)
EGD, Photos: 1, 2

17ème Active Go

Le 17ème Active Go a eu lieu le 14 février au restaurant le Lin Xiang à Genève. C'est un tournoi spécial, 20 minutes sans byo-yomi et avec handicap organisé par le Ko Go Club.  Wang Jie nous a préparé des plats succulents et tout le monde était enchanté.  Guillaume Lob a remporté la 1ère place devant Armel-David Wolff pour qui c'était la 17ème participation!  Benoît Felix complète ce triplé du Ko Go Club. Mathias Haefliger a été le meilleur jeune (plusieurs participants avaient moins de 12 ans), et a montré déjà de belles choses. Un grand merci à Sandra, Jeremy et Wang sans qui rien ne serait possible. Résultats, Photos

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European Go Congress

22 July to 6 August in Oberhof / Germany
Registered Players

Tournoi de Genève

A vos agendas, la date de notre tournoi est annoncée : le 21-22 octobre 2017 !
Il aura lieu dans la salle communale de Veyrier comme les années précédentes.
Les détails suivront prochainement.

Winterthurer Samstagsturiner 2017

Wie jedes Jahr, findet auch 2017 ein eintägiges Go-Turnier in Winterthur statt.
Genaue Konditionen werden rechtzeitig auf publiziert.

Tournoi de Lausanne / Tour de Peilz

Oyez, oyez braves gens : réservez votre week-end, le 25-26 novembre.
Le tournoi de Lausanne aura lieu au Musée Suisse du Jeu à La Tour-de-Peilz.

European Tournament Calendar

Some upcoming tournaments & events in Europe. The major tournaments are on the EGF Tournament Calendar.

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Go Spielnachmittage

GO für Klein und Gross.
(Kinder ab 6 Jahren, Eltern, Grosseltern) spielen zusammen das Spiel der Spiele.
28.Mai / 30. Juli
17. September / 26. November
jeweils 12 - 16 Uhr
(ab 11:30 wird ein Brunch serviert)
Ort: Cultibo Olten, Aarauerstr. 72

Atelier de Go de l'Université de Genève

Septembre 2012 : L'objectif de l'Atelier Jeu de Go de l'Université de Genève est de découvrir et d'apprendre le Go pour les débutants, et de se perfectionner et de pratiquer dans la bonne humeur pour les initiés. Tous les lundis à Uni Mail en salle S040. Cours (60.- / semestre) : 18h15-19h. Jeu libre (gratuit) : 19-20h.

Yunguseng Dojang

In the online school the students gather once a week in the eve­ning to play a game for the league. After the game is played Hwang In-seong joins the room and re­views some of the games. He has years of teaching ex­peri­ence and is him­self a very strong player. At the end of the month 2 players from each league move up to the higher league and 2 move down to the lower league. Sounds very com­peti­tive but it's mainly to make people play lots of and serious games. 3 eve­nings each month In-Seong gives a lecture to inspire the partici­pants to try out new things. Invitation Letter, Register

Atelier hébdomadaire de Go à Genève

- Entrée libre et sans frais - Alternativement au Veyrier Go Club (mercredi) et à l'Ecole lémanique du Go (jeudi) - Contact : Tetsuo Nakajo / / tél. 076-433.02.88 - au Veyrier Go Club de 20 :00 à 22 :00 le mercredi, toutes les 2 semaines : les 10 et 24 mars, 14(extra) et 21 avril, ainsi de suite - l'atelier de go de l'Université de Genève, tous les lundis de 18h15 à 20h, à Uni Mail salle S040, avec cours et jeu libre.

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Moyo Open Tournament in Pardubice attracts many strong players

After the European Professional Qualification (EPQ) tournament had finished, the next day saw the Moyo Open tournament begin. All players in the EPQ also took part in the Moyo Open. They were joined by Pavol Lisy 1p and Mateusz Surma 1p, who had w...

Andrii Kravets fulfilled his quest. Ukraine has two EGF professionals.

The fourth European Professional Qualification (EPQ) is finally over, and we have to say that this year the competition was extremely tough and very interesting. The tournament started with a double knock-out phase (the three rounds of this phase ...

Who will become the 6th EGF Pro?

The answer will be known this Friday (14th July, 2017) evening. Sixteen top European players encountered in three preliminary rounds of the European Pro Qualification tournament (EPQ later) in Viena, during 15-16 June, 2017. Namely, Andrii Kravets...

European team in China C league

Last week, for the first time, a European team participated in the Chinese C league...

International Vienna Tournament 2017

The Vienna International Tournament took place on the 17th and 18th of June in the city's outskirts at one of Vienna's schools for tourism. Do you think that a beautiful Saturday would be enough to persuade the bravest of go players to go to the l...
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