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This is the homepage of the Swiss Go Association. Go 囲碁 is an asiatic board game. In Korea the game is called baduk 바둑, in China weiqi 圍棋. For more information about this game take a look at our Info Page.

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Swiss Team Go Champ.


2013-14 champion ZH was defeated in Round 1 by the Mercenaries with a game gasana-myn for 0.5 pts. The 25th oct will be the Patrice Gostelli Cup in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the 1.11 Samstagturnier in Winthertur, the 5.11 the Swiss Team Round 2 on KGS and the 11.11 the Pandanet European Team Round 2 on IGS

Zurich Tournament

After a one year pause the Zurich Tournament has revived on a beautiful sunny autumn weekend. Most players took the opportunity to play in the patio which is actually in the center of the city's old town but as it is closed in by houses it's totally quite and gives the best environment to study some good variations in a hard fought game. Li Yue was so kind to review the games during the breaks, there was a good quality service of drinks, coffee and food! Thanks to Lyuba for taking care of all the organizational work to make this tournament happen and of course congratulations to the winner Avelio who just newly arrived at Zurich Go Club from abroad. Photos, EGD

Sylvain Praz won the Veyrier-Ko Go Club 2014

Sylvain Praz won the Veyrier-Ko Go Club 2014 and deserved a nice promotion 1d, Semi Lee and Sebastien Ott were second and third. Thank you to the Veyrier City for the place, to In-Seong Hwang 8d who did wonderful teaching, to the Café de l'Union, to all organisers and to the 24 participants. Photos EGD

Swiss representant @ KPMC

Follow our representant @ 9th Korean Prime Minister Cup in Seoul

Swiss Go Team Championship 2014-2015

Swiss Go Team Championship 2014-2015 will start from October 2014 to April 2015, one wednesday per month.  Schedule 2014-2015.  Last Year results

European Go Congress Sibiu

Fan Hui did it again: he is european go champion 2014. He fighted his way thourgh the knock-out beating Csaba Mero in the quater-, Ali Jabarin in the semi- and Alexandr Dinerstein in the final.
5 swiss Players participated and made an overall score of 22 wins - 18 losses in the main tournament and 6 wins - 9 losses in the weekend tournament.
It was a great congress. Everything was just as it should be: Good quality venue (air condition, spacy rooms, good tables & chairs). All in one place in the center of the beautifull city Sibiu. All was perfectly organized, plenty of good trips were done to the suroundings and there was a grill & bar for playing games late into the night.

1st European Pro

Pavol Lisy from Slovakia managed to win 4 straight games at the European Pro Qualification. After the failed attempt to create a european pro system in 2010 the EGF found a chinese sponsor to make this a successful kick-off. They signed a contract for over 10 years collaboration so it looks like there is some secured activity for this pro system in the near future. We are looking forward to more qualifications and some big pro events for many years now. At the next Vienna tournament we will see already the next european pro, it will be one of the players that are still in the run: Cornel Burzo, Lukas Podpera, Ali Jabarin or Mateusz Surma. Congrats to Pavol for becoming the first European Pro! Wbaduk transmissions, Photos from the Strasbourg Quali

IGC Open 2014

Under a big warming sun and a clear blue sky, the fifth edition of the EPFL Go tournament took place in Satellite, the campus pub, for the first time. The place is ideal, with a beautiful atmosphere, nice decorations and a terrace to play outside. The Satellite staff was really helpful and made sure that the tournament ran smoothly. You could have a slice of pizza or a beer, and play babyfoot between games.
As always, free accommodation was offered for the participants, and with the beautiful weather it was a perfect time to drink a beer or two under the sun. Some went to the border of the lake for lunch or just to chill. Some even went for a night swim…
In-Seong Hwang came once more to provide a wonderful teaching and sharp advices for the ambitious. He reviewed games and did a lecture at the end. As always, lot of knowledge to absorb!
We had 34 players, a  decent number and we would like to thanks all that made the journey.
On a final note, congratulation to Nikola Mitic who won the first place, coming all the way from Serbia! This fantastic performance gave him one more GoR point!
Second place went to Félicien Mazille who did a great tournament, losing only to N. Mitic, and third place to Benoit Felix, who remains a fiercefull opponent.
It was a wonderful experience and we hope to continue this tradition year after year! Some people were so enthusiastic about this event than some talked of gathering a team for undertaking a European Go Congress in EPFL… to be continued. FAU


L'initiation (méthode Yasuda) au Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel

Bonjour à vous. L'initiation (méthode Yasuda), dimanche 18 mai 2014 au Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel, a connu un grand succès. A la suite de la Nuit des Musées, diverses animation d'origine japonaise ont été organisées le dimanche au Musée d'ethno.
1600 personnes ont découvrées ces animations, et plus de cinquante ont suivi les décos animées par Marcel Schweizer, qui avait en outre été invité par le Musée à présenter quelques-uns de ses travaux artistiques ayant un lien avec les calligraphies chinoise et japonaise.
Un petit garçon de quatre ans, accompagné de sa maman, est revenu trois fois dans l'atelier de go qu'il préférait à toutes les autres activités.
Par ailleurs, dèès le 19 juin, le Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel présente une grande exposition sur la culture japonaise.
A votre disposition si vous avez besoin d'autres précisions.
Avec mes amicales salutations.
Marcel Schweizer

Go for Luzern

Auch wenn es schon sonnigere Wochenende gegeben hat dieses Jahr kamen am Sonntag doch noch einige Strahlen durch und man konnte wie bis jetzt jedes Jahr auch draussen spielen. Gewonnen hat Fikert Lars 2D vor Praz Sylvain 1K und Pillon Thibault 2K.
Fotos, Resultate, EGD

The 38th Swiss Championship was held in Ticino

A blending sun and a beautiful hotel Ascona with wonderful premises warmly welcomed 33 players. Most came from every part of Switzerland, but there were also people coming from Italy, France, Germany, Croatia, Russia and Sweden! Those who came early enough on Friday, or even some days in advance, enjoyed the hotel pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, and the colors of the spring.
Friday night there were already many activities: aperitif offered by the hotel at 18:30, registration for the tournament till midnight, playing room available the whole evening, dinner and the meeting of the FSG. The tournament started saturday morning early. Many players moved to the outdoor terrace to play their games.
Hwang In-Seong 8D was in the garden analyzing the games after they finished. Saturday evening there was the award ceremony for the Swiss Team Championship 2013-2014, after round 4 and before dinner: In-Seong analyzed a game of the event, then S. Woellfel delivered team trophy and medals to the representatives of the teams. The games of Sunday were enlightened with a bright sun and more than 20 degrees too.
The winner of the tournament should have been Yaqi Fu 6D, who won the first 6 games; but he had to leave the tournament before the last round to catch his plane. So the top prizes were won by the young C. Lextrait from France, D. Minieri from Italy/Basel and V. Bogdanov von Russia. Adrian Neziri from S.Gallen won the prize for best performance under the top bar, by winning 6/7 and a promotion of 2 grades in EGF rating.
The three best ranked swiss players in the tournament were in order: S. Koch, Swiss Champion 2014, F. Aubelle and B. Felix.
Qualified for the next WAGC and KPMC in Korea are the new Swiss Champion S. Koch and L. Trippel: go and show your skills! Thanks to In-seong and his yunguseng school for his generous contribution with 700.- Fr to the swiss yunguseng foundation, don't hesitate to ask for support if you teach young go players!
All those who were there will keep a beautiful souvenir of this tournament, with good feelings and enjoying playing go in magnificent ambiance. Hope to meet you soon again with the same spirit!
Roberto Morrison
Results, Photos, EGD

Lettre de reconnaissance de la Nihon Kiin

Alors que 2014 est l'année du 150ème anniversaire Suisse-Japon, Jean-Marc Louis du Ko Go Club a reçu une Lettre de Reconnaissance de la Nihon-Kiin pour son activité de promotion de Go, comme la réalisation du Goban géant aux Bastions. C'est une reconnaissance pour la Ville de Genève, et pour tous ceux qui, au Ko Go Club ou à d'autres clubs suisses ont contribué depuis de nombreuses années au développement du go. Nous remercions vivement la Nihon-Kiin et Mme Kaori AOBA pour leur geste d'encouragement. De g. à d.:Tetsuo Nakajo, Jean-Marc Louis. ADW

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ZĂĽrcher Turnier 2014 - Karl der Grosse
ZĂĽrcher Turnier 2014 - Karl der Grosse
ZĂĽrcher Turnier 2014 - Karl der Grosse
Basler Bambus 2008
Swiss Championship 2006 Armel-David
32nd WAGC 2011 in Matsue, Japan Final standing
Basler Bambus 2008
Tournoi de Genève 2013
Open IGC 2014

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Tournoi de La Chaux-de-Fonds

Coupe Patrice Gosteli
25 et 26 octobre
à la loge de la sombaille comme l'année dernière.

15. Winterthurer Samstagsturnier 2014

Das 15. Winterthurer Samstagsturnier findet am Samstag 1. Nov. 2014 in der alten Kaserne statt. Lee Hajin 3p wird an diesem Turnier zugegen sein, sie ist auch die amtierende Sekretärin des internationalen Go Verbandes, fragt sie, sie weiss alles über Go!!! 


Mi. 26. - So. 30. November


Festival de Jeux, La Chaux-de-Fonds
13-15 mars, 2015

GO for Luzern 2015

21. & 22. March 2015
Youth Hostel Rotschuo, Gersau
In-Seong Hwang (7 Dan Korea) will review the games and give professional comments. Attractive location, situated at the southern shores of the picturesque Lake Lucern.

39th Swiss Go Championship


2015 Go Congress

59th european go congress
Liberec, Czech Republic
25.7.2015 => 8.8.2015

European Tournament Calendar

Some upcoming tournaments & events in Europe. The major tournaments are on the EGF Tournament Calendar.

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Gokurs mit Li Yue im Go Club ZĂĽrich

Die Idee des Kurs ist Dein Niveau zu verbessern durch Spielen, Analysieren, Lektionen hören und auch Spass haben während der Verbesserung.
Im Kurs könnt Ihr ein Spiel in einer Liga spielen, an der ich auch persönlich teilnehmen werde. Ein Review von den Liga bekommt Ihr jede Woche und eine Lektion alle zwei Wochen. 29 Oct. - 10 Dez. 2014

Atelier de Go de l'Université de Genève

Septembre 2012 : L'objectif de l'Atelier Jeu de Go de l'Université de Genève est de découvrir et d'apprendre le Go pour les débutants, et de se perfectionner et de pratiquer dans la bonne humeur pour les initiés. Tous les lundis à Uni Mail en salle S040. Cours (60.- / semestre) : 18h15-19h. Jeu libre (gratuit) : 19-20h.

Yunguseng Dojang

In the online school the students gather once a week in the eve­ning to play a game for the league. After the game is played Hwang In-seong joins the room and re­views some of the games. He has years of teaching ex­peri­ence and is him­self a very strong player. At the end of the month 2 players from each league move up to the higher league and 2 move down to the lower league. Sounds very com­peti­tive but it's mainly to make people play lots of and serious games. 3 eve­nings each month In-Seong gives a lecture to inspire the partici­pants to try out new things. Invitation Letter, Register

Atelier hébdomadaire de Go à Genève

- Entrée libre et sans frais
- Alternativement
au Veyrier Go Club (mercredi) et
à l'Ecole lémanique du Go (jeudi)
- Contact : Tetsuo Nakajo / / tél. 076-433.02.88
- au Veyrier Go Club de 20 :00 Ă  22 :00
le mercredi, toutes les 2 semaines :
les 10 et 24 mars, 14(extra) et 21 avril, ainsi de suite
- l'atelier de go de l'Université de Genève, tous les lundis de 18h15 à 20h, à Uni Mail salle S040, avec cours et jeu libre.

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Interview with Peter Smolárik

Peter Smolárik, Slovakia's representative at the 2014 Korea Prime Minister Cup, is a university student who has been an active go player for more than half his life. His extensive tournament career in Slovakia includes 2nd place in the Košice City...


SportAccord launches photo contest on Instagram for World Mind Games 2014.     22nd October, 2014: A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in your case, worth a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3! SportAccord presents the World Mind Games 2014 photo contest and...

Interview with Choi Gyubyung

The Choongam Baduk Dojang (go academy) has been a driving force behind Korean Baduk for the past two decades. In the 1990s it was not only a training place for young aspirants but also a meeting place where some of the strongest Korean players wou...

Interview with Alexandra Urbán

This is a continuation of an interview Ranka had with Alexandra when she played in the first World Mind Sports Games in Beijing six year ago. At that time she had interrupted her university studies in Hungary to study go at the International Baduk...

Interview with Andre Connell

Andre Connell is a Johannesburg-based information technology consultant who represented South Africa at the 2014 Korea Prime Minister Cup in Seoul. Ranka spoke after he had played two rounds and split two games with very different Asian opponents....
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